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Nida Verkkopalvelu Oy's General Terms of Service

Terms and Conditions of Domains

Country Code - Types of extensions
This Annex applies to supplement the specific conditions for the registration, renewal and transfer of domain names.

Network IDs Administrative register Link
.AF RAMC and IT http://cocca.org.nz
.AG Nic AG http://www.nic.ag
.AM BRS Media Inc http://dot.fm
.ASIA DotAsia http://www.dot.asia
.AT Nic.At http://www.nic.at
.BE Dns.Be http://www.dns.be
.BZ Belizenic https://www.belizenic.bz
.CAT Fundació puntCAT http://domini.cat
.CC VERISIGN http://www.verisign.com
.CH SWITCH https://nic.switch.ch
.CM Netcom http://register.cm
.CN CNNIC http://www.cnnic.cn
.CO CO Internet S.A.S http://www.cointernet.co
.CX CoCCa http://cocca.org.nz
.CZ CZ.NIC http://www.nic.cz
.DE Denic http://www.denic.de
.DK DK hostmaster https://www.dk-hostmaster.dk
.ES Red.Es http://www.red.es
.EU EuRid http://www.eurid.eu
.FI Viestintävirasto https://www.viestintavirasto.fi
.FM BRS Media Inc http://dot.fm
.FR AFNIC https://www.afnic.fr
.GS CoCCa http://cocca.org.nz
.HN NIC-HN http://www.nic.hn
.HT Nic.ht http://www.nic.ht
.IE IEDR https://www.domainregistry.ie
.IM nic.im https://www.nic.im
.IN INRegistry http://www.registry.in
.IT NIC.IT http://www.nic.it
.JOBS Employ Media LLC. http://goto.jobs
.KI KMCTTD http://cocca.org.nz
.LA LANIC https://www.la
.LC Nic LC http://www.nic.lc
.LT domreg.lt http://www.domreg.lt
.LU DNS-LU http://www.dns.lu
.LV NIC.LV http://www.nic.lv
.ME domain.me http://www.domain.me
.MG NIC-MG http://www.nic.mg
.MN MN Domain Registry http://domain.mn
.MS MNI Networks Ltd. http://nic.ms
.MU MUNIC http://www.nic.mu
.NF Norfolk Island Data Services http://cocca.org.nz
.NL SIDN http://www.sidn.nl
.NU WorldNames https://www.nunames.nu
.PL Nask http://www.dns.pl
.PT Dns.Pt https://www.dns.pt
.RE AFNIC http://www.afnic.re
.RO RoTLD http://portal.rotld.ro
.SB Solomon Telekom Company Ltd. http://cocca.org.nz
.SC VCS http://nic.sc
.SE SE Registry http://www.iis.se
.SN NIC SENEGAL http://www.nic.sn
.SO So Registry http://www.soregistry.so
.TL CoCCa http://cocca.org.nz
.TR NIC.TR http://nic.tr
.TV VERISIGN http://www.verisign.com
.TW TWNIC http://www.twnic.net.tw
.UK Nominet http://www.nominet.org.uk
.US Neustar.us http://www.neustar.us
.VC Nic.VC http://nic.vc

Version dated 01.09.2016