Terms and Conditions

Nida Verkkopalvelu Oy's General Terms of Service

Terms and Conditions of Use of Email Services

1. Target group of contract terms
These Terms and Conditions are in addition to the general terms and conditions of the Nida Web Service for services that provide you with the ability to use, send or receive email services.

2. Configuring Email Services
For the purposes of this Agreement, "Email Services" means any service provided by Nida Online Service that directly enables, is used or otherwise contributes to the sending of Internet Email.
"Email Service" implemented by Nida Web Service means an email service provided by Nida Web Service and made available to a customer, the maintenance of which is the responsibility of Nida Web Service. The e-mail service provided by Nida Web Services may be separate or as part of another customer service package.
These terms and conditions also apply, mutatis mutandis, when you use the virtual server, internet connection services or other services provided by the Nida Online Service to provide an email service that does not meet the criteria for the email service provided by the Nida Online Service.

3. Acceptable Use of Email Services
It is acceptable to use e-mail services and other services for sending e-mail in accordance with Finnish law and good Internet practice. For example, falsifying sender information and transmitting malicious software and spam messages is prohibited.

4. Electronic direct marketing and other mass mailings
E-mail services may generally be used to send electronic direct marketing authorized by Finnish law, provided that:

  • The address register used for sending emails is under Customer's control and consists only of addresses provided directly to the Customer
  • The customer has a valid personal register description from the address register
  • The Address Register has been maintained in accordance with good practice and applicable legislation
  • The message sent by the customer meets the requirements of applicable law, for example with regard to authentication and address source
  • The customer provides an easy way to permanently leave the mailing list for each message

The use of address registries produced and maintained by third parties for the purposes of direct mail marketing with email services is prohibited without the prior written permission of Nida Web Services.
Any violation of the Finnish law of direct electronic marketing or other mass mailing is prohibited and the use of such services may, at the discretion of Nida Online Service, lead to the immediate termination of the service agreement without refunding or refunding the service fees already paid.
In the event that any e-mail service provided by the Customer causes problems with the operation of the e-mail service, Nida Web Services has the right to prohibit such customer from using the e-mail service for direct marketing.

5. Fighting spam and malware
In the email service provided by Nida Web Service, Nida Web Service systems automatically filter messages that are sent from known spam servers. Nida The web of systems may, in addition to filter such messages, the content of which is harmful to the communication party in accordance with the automatic interpretation, used by the terminal or the communication party email service continuity.
Notwithstanding the automatic filtering described above, for some services, you may have the option of activating separate spam filtering, which uses a deeper analysis of the content of messages to determine whether the message is likely to be spam or not.

Under no circumstances will Nida Online Service be liable for any filtering made automatically by the system.

6. Customer's Responsibilities in Using the Email Service Provided by Nida Online Service
When using the email service provided by the Nida Web Service, the customer is responsible for all email traffic generated by his / her username and password.
If a customer provides email addresses to their staff or other parties through the email service provided by the Nida Web Service, email addresses that consist of a person's name, ie, are not so-called. role addresses are considered personal and the client's agent is not authorized to read messages from those email addresses without the user's permission.

7. Restricting the Use of Email Services
If the use of the Customer's email services causes problems with the availability, continuity, functionality or reliability of the email services, Nida Web Services has, at its sole discretion, the right to block or limit Customer's access to the email service.

8. Replacement and Returns
For e-commerce orders, you have a full 14 day return and exchange right.

Version dated 23.03.2017