Terms and Conditions

Nida Verkkopalvelu Oy's General Terms of Service

Terms and Conditions for Web Hosting

1. Target group of contract terms
These Terms and Conditions are in addition to the general terms and conditions of Nida Web Services for customers who have access to the web hosting service from Nida Web Services.

2. Define Web hosting services
Webhosting server means a logical unit that is reserved for the client to run on the client's own program from the servers of the Nida Web Service.
Webhosting Service means the webhosting servers sold by Nida Webservice to the Customer, for example, the service names Webhotelli Mini, Webhotelli Classic Hosting Services are those services sold by Nida Webservice where Nida Webservice assumes partial or total responsibility for the individual webhosting servers and / or software programs operated by them.

3. Acceptable Use of Webhost Servers
It is acceptable to use the webhosting services provided by Nida Web Services for the provision of services in accordance with Finnish law. Unauthorized use of the Webhosting Services is strictly prohibited and may, at Nida's sole discretion, result in the immediate termination of the Service Agreement without refund of any service fees already paid. The provision of Shell Services is not permitted on the Nida Web Hosting webhost servers.

4. Customer's Responsibility for the Security of their Webhost Servers
The customer is always responsible for the security of their webhost servers. In the event of a breach of the Client's Webhost Servers or other use of the Webhost Servers, for example in cyber attacks, Nida Web Service has the right, in its sole discretion, to temporarily suspend the provision of the Webhosting Service. The Nida Web Service will attempt to immediately inform the Customer of any such interruption.
In the event of repeated breaches of the customer's web server or repeated problems with the services of the Nida Web Service, Nida Web Service will, in its sole discretion, have the right to terminate the Service Agreement with immediate effect after discussing the matter with Customer. In this case, the Nida Web Service will provide the customer with access to the information stored on the webhost servers for a period of 30 days. Not charged to you.

5. Providing Email Service Using Webhost Servers.
If Customer provides email service through the web hosting servers of Nida Web Services, Customer also agrees to be bound by the separate terms and conditions for email services.

6. Disclaimer of Web Hosting Services
Nida Web Hosting strives to provide its webhosting service reliably and to the best of its knowledge, and to minimize disruptions due to Nida Web Hosting. The systems used by the Nida Web Service to store the data of the client's webhost servers are properly protected and equipped with RAID Certified disks.
In the event of loss of some or all of the data of the webhosting server due to, for example, a software error or a serious hardware failure,
Nida Web Service's liability to the Customer will be limited to the amount corresponding to the customer's monthly fixed hosting fees.

7. Return and exchange policy
For e-commerce orders, you have a full 14 day return and exchange right.

Version dated 23.03.2017