Terms and Conditions

Nida Verkkopalvelu Oy's General Terms of Service

Website Tool Terms and Conditions

 1. Target group of contract terms
These terms and conditions supplement the general terms and conditions of the Nida Web Service for services where the Customer has ordered a paid web site service based on the Nida Web Service, such as zen-cart, Joomla, wordpress, a special php web page.

2. Free trial
If Customer subscribes to the Website Tool Self-Service on the Internet at demo.nida.fi, there is a 14-day free trial. If you wish to continue using the service after this free trial period, you must order a license for the service in accordance with the instructions in the Website Tool.
The trial period will not be adhered to for customized projects or other services opened on the basis of a separate invitation to tender / offer. 

3. Home Copyright
The Website Tool and its components, such as the graphic elements used in connection with the system, the templates provided by the system and the program code of the system itself, are copyrighted to the Nida Web Service.
The customer is not entitled to store the tool implemented homepage home page in HTML format, otherwise transfer homepages taken home servers, third-party tool or copy the homepage tool system or its elements.

4. Customer Stored Content
The copyrighted material of the Customer in the Website Tool System does not transfer to Nida Web Services. You will grant Nida Online Service an irrevocable license to use any material you store in the Service for the purpose of implementing the Services you subscribe to.
You are solely responsible for all material you save or store in the Website Tool System, such as text and images, videos, layout templates, and other content.
In the event of any claim of copyright infringement to the Nida Online Service, the Customer undertakes to defend, at its own expense, the Nida Online Service, if such claim is made in respect of the material stored on the Customer's system. 

5. Backup
Homepages maintained in the Home Page Utility are backed up daily and backed up for at least 7 days. In the event of any problem caused by the Customer itself, the backup price will be charged according to the respective price list. The customer is responsible for backing up his or her own emails. 

6. Replacement and Returns
For e-commerce orders, you have a full 14 day return and exchange right.

7. Other Terms
If the customer offers an online shop or other sales on their web site, Nida Web Service is not responsible for pricing, shipping, billing, refunding or any other liability or expense related to the customer's business.
Nida Online Service has the right to close down the site if it is used in an unlawful manner, otherwise abused by the terms of the agreement, or used for the purpose of violating the terms of the license.
Unless otherwise agreed, Nida Online Service has the right to use the customer as a reference.

Version dated 01.09.2016