Starter Pack

58.00 €

Disk space 1 GB
Communications Unlimited
Sähköpostilaatikot 10
FTP account 1
Mysql-databases No
Web Hosting in-comparison features

Basic Package

72.00 €

Disk space 3 GB
Communications Unlimited
Emailboxes 100
FTP account 10
Mysql-databases 1
Web Hosting in-comparison features

Business Package

96.00 €

Disk space 5 GB
Communications Unlimited
Emailboxes Unlimited
FTP account Unlimited
Mysql-databases 10
Web Hosting in-comparison features

    Price for 1 year billing period. You can compare packages in more detail hosting-comparison.

     The prices include the value-added tax (24 %)

Effective protection

The data center network is protected from denial of service attacks and each server is equipped with its own firewall.

Diverse management

All web hosting services include a diversified, Finnish cPanel dashboard that allows you to self-manage server functions.

Guaranteed uptime

99% uptime (Uptime) guaranteed.

Preinstalled software

Webhosting includes preinstalled software such as WordPress, YaBB, OSCommerce… (not included in the Webhosting Starter Edition).

QuickSSL® Premium with DV


Per Year
Domain Name SSL
within 90 minutes of approval
Free Installation

True BusinessID® with OV

840 .00 €

Per Year
Wildcard SSL
10 days from the date of issue
Free Installation

GlobalSing SSL

216 .00 €

Domain Name SSL
10 days from the date of issue
Free Installation

GlobalSing Wildcard

840 .00 €

Per Year
Domain Name SSL
10 days from the date of issue
Free Installation

Easy to use control panel

cPanel, is designed to be really easy to use. For example, the dashboard facilitates the following tasks:

Website transfer and management
Manage mailboxes
Software installations such as blogs, shopping carts, forms, forums, etc.
Website traffic and security
Statistical monitoring
Tracking error statistics helps you monitor the functionality of the software, as well as the problems encountered by the users of the website.

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Nida Verkkopalvelu implement websites for all your needs.

Nida's expertise covers both the design and implementation of web sites.
Our domain name registration, graphic design and digital media services provide our clients with quality websites and all design services under one roof.

100% Guarantee

If you are not satisfied with the server or the service you have received, please let us know within 15 days of opening and you will get your money back!

Technical support

User advice and telephone installation assistance. Call: +358 9 444 744 Opening hours

Automated Monitoring
Server security

The information content of the Web service can be protected by protecting the server against external intruders through a so-called firewall and by identifying

Website Analytics

Real-time reports allow you to monitor user activity in real time. If you see any data in your reports, your tracking code is currently collecting it.

100% Unlimited
Unlimited bandwidth

Web servers provide unlimited bandwidth to their dedicated servers.

control panel

With cPanel you can manage your email accounts, databases, domain addresses and more.